Problems with ggpomological

I've installed this package. When i've tried to use the best function in the package which changes the fonts in super nice ones "theme_pomological("Homemade Apple", 16)" it gave me this warning "Font 'Homemade Apple' isn't in the extrafont font list (but it may still work). If recently installed, you can try running extrafont::font_import(). To install, visit:"

tried to type "extrafont::font_import()" but nothing happenned. Any tip?

Do you have the font already installed in your system? Otherwise font_import() is going to have nothing to import.

I've no idea how to install it. Do you?

You have to start by downloading the font from the provided link, but then how to install it depends on your operating system and it is outside of the scope of this forum so I suggest you to google, How to install fonts in "your operating system"?

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