Problems with API when using Manifesto Dataset

Hello R Community

I am having problems using ManifestoR.
I have succesfully installed the package and loaded the dataset in my environment.
Problem is, it keeps asking for an API key.
I am currently using R 4.0.0, so a newer version.

So I have used library(manifestoR)

And then


Then it sends the error message

"No API key specified. Specify apikey via mp_setapikey() or go to to create key and/or account."

But I have already specified I feel like.

Any suggestions? :confused:

Hi @MarieM,
The documentation for package ManifestoR says that it is presumed "...that you have stored and downloaded the API key in a file name manifesto_apikey.txt
in your current R working directory" (my emphasis). Check


Do you see the manifesto_apikey.txt file there? If not, find it on your machine, and then copy to the current R working directory.

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