Problems with add conditional formatting (databar) to excel cells

Hi, I'm trying to run the official example below, which can add conditional formatting (databar) to the Excel. But when I use the databar twice, the Excel becomes corrupt. I really want someone to help me, it means a lot to me, Thx!!!!

## Databar Example

wb <- createWorkbook()
addWorksheet(wb, "databar")

## Databars
writeData(wb, "databar", -5:5, startCol = 1)
conditionalFormatting(wb, "databar", cols = 1, rows = 1:11, type = "databar") ## Defaults

writeData(wb, "databar", -5:5, startCol = 3)
conditionalFormatting(wb, "databar", cols = 3, rows = 1:11, type = "databar", border = FALSE)

saveWorkbook(wb, file = "databarExample.xlsx", overwrite = TRUE)

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