Problems with actionButton.

As you can see below, I tried to write a code and it works quiet nicely. I tried to implement actionButtons to navigate between pages. All the actionButton works but not in the last page. I want it to navigate back to previous page and it doesnt do anything. I tried debugging a lot but couldnt find any problem. Maybe a new pair of eyes can find the problem in my code.


ui <- fluidPage(theme = shinytheme("sandstone"),
        titlePanel("Automatic Evaluation"),
                navbarPage("", id = "inTabset",
                           tabPanel(value = "panel0", icon("home"),
                           fluidRow(column(width=12, height=12,
                                      p("Hello. This para is for description", strong("and also this"), 
                                      actionButton('jumpToP1', 'Proceed')
                           tabPanel(value = "panel1", title = "Process Selection",
                                      p("Process Selection"),
                                      actionButton('jumpToP0', 'BACK'),
                                      actionButton('jumpToP2', 'NEXT')),
                           tabPanel(value = "panel2", title = "Modifying and Saving", 
                                      p("Modifying and Saving"),
                                      actionButton('jumpToP1', 'BACK'))

server <- function(input, output, session) {
  observeEvent(input$jumpToP0, {
    updateTabsetPanel(session, "inTabset",
                      selected = "panel0")
  observeEvent(input$jumpToP1, {
    updateTabsetPanel(session, "inTabset",
                      selected = "panel1")
  observeEvent(input$jumpToP2, {
    updateTabsetPanel(session, "inTabset",
                      selected = "panel2")

shinyApp(ui, server)

Hey there, you can’t have multiple input widgets with the same id. If you rename one “ jumpToP1” and adjust code accordingly in the server portion, you should be good

Hello, thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

Yes, It worked perfectly. I changed the ID in last actionButton and added one more observeEvent with that ID to the page I wanted. Another quick question, is there anyway to move these actionButtons to left and right bottom of the page?

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