Problems previewing chapter in bookdown

I'm having an odd problem with bookdown. I'm running RStudio 1.1.383 on OSX, and the development version of bookdown 0.5.10, although I have the same issue with the CRAN version 0.5

Supposedly, clicking the Knit button on the editor pane should preview the current chapter. In my case, it always builds the whole book. Additionally, it seems to ignore the format, so if I tell it "Knit to pdf" it will knit the whole book to whichever format is listed first in _output.yml.

The Build Book button in the Build pane works as expected, so the problem seems to be that the Knit button is taking its instructions from the wrong place. Anyone else have this problem or know of a solution?

UPDATE: The issue seems to be that it renders the book and the table of contents, but just includes placeholders for the other chapters. Is this the intended behavior? There is still the limitation that it renders the chapter in whatever format comes first in _output.yml.

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Same problem over here. It does not even update the chapter at hand.

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I had trouble with preview_chapter() with a new chapter so I rendered the whole book and then... preview_chapter() started working. Not at all sure, but maybe the chapter has to be rendered once as part of the book before it can be previewed.