Problems installing packages using devtools install_github and install_local


I have been trying to install the following package for RStudio today and have been running into a lot of problems: I first used the command outlined in the installation instructions to download the package from github:

but ran into a timeout erro most likely because I am working on a computer that is using a proxy. I then decided to manually download the github file to my computer and then use devtools::install_local() to install the package but then again ran into the same error:

Error: Failed to install 'phenoptrReports' from local:
Timeout was reached: Connection timed out after 10000 milliseconds

I'm not really sure what could be causing this error, especially because I successfully downloaded a similar package from github( by manually installing it from the github and then doing devtools::install_local("C:\Users\mrm2231\Desktop\phenoptr-master).

Do any of you have any idea what could be going on here?

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My guess is that since the package phenoptrReports specifies multiple remote repositories as dependencies (here), install_local() tries to install these from GitHub. In contrast, the phenoptr package does not specify any remote dependencies.


You could try first downloading and installing these other packages using install_local() and then try to install phenoptrReports again.

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