Problems in importing xlsx, csv data into R

Dear participants ,
I have problem in importing both xlsx and csv files.
It looks like this

tried with codes

and with csv
DATA2 = read.csv2("C:/Users/49151/Desktop/Master Thesis/dy2009.xlsx",header = T,
sep = ";",dec = ",")
however, in excel it looks like as in tables not like one line with ; as usual for csv.

can someone help ?

from pic <- after the semicolon the cell should end and -0 should be in next cell

If I had to guess, this looks like a semi-colon separated variable file, with decimal comma.

If you reproduce the first few lines of your CSV file here, that might be helpful.

Also, obligatory shoutout to ask this question as a markdown formatted (the little </> button) with a reprex (FAQ: What's a reproducible example (`reprex`) and how do I do one?)

Thank you @EconomiCurtis,

but i just found my mistake,
when I run

DATA = read.csv("C:/Users/49151/Desktop/d2009.csv", header =TRUE,sep=";", dec="." , check.names=TRUE) 

it worked.
Before I didin't include check.names=TRUE maybe thats why...
but thanks

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