Problems Importing Excel Data

I am currently learning to program in R.
Right now I tried to import a quite big data set from Excel File which I did multiple times before already. In this specific data set the first 30 columns are imported but the rest is not. When I view it in the data preview the rest of the columns is also shown but only the data not the headings of the columns. I think that is why the data is not shown when I import it normally.
However, I think it is a problem in the excel file, but I have no idea what could be wrong since the headings are shown in excel but not in R.

What package are you using to import your excel file? And in what format does your "Excel File" come in - is it a *.xls file, *.xlsx or perhaps even a *.csv?

It is likely you will not be able to share your data file (by the look of the columns it seems to be from healthcare domain), but consider sharing the code you are using to import it; it will allow us to point you in a better direction.

As the problem stands now there is not much to start with I am afraid..

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