Problems creating an edgelist and nodelist

I'm new to Rstudio and this community so my apologies if i posted this in the wrong place. I have a problem when I'm trying to create an igraph object. I entered the following code:
EL= is my edgelist (from data set 1)
NL= my nodelist (from data set 2)

EL <- graph_from_data_frame(violentcrime_95_matrix2)
NL <- graph_from_data_frame(funding_85_95_matrix2)
EL <- get.edgelist(EL)
NL <- get.edgelist(NL)
g <- graph_from_data_frame(d=EL, vertices = NL, directed = FALSE)

However, it came up with the following error:
Error in graph_from_data_frame(d = EL, vertices = NL, directed = FALSE) :
Some vertex names in edge list are not listed in vertex data frame

I have checked it more times than i can count but my NL and EL both contain the same names, I am 100% sure of that. Is there anything i'm doing wrong?


Welcome to the RStudio community!

The easiest way for us to help you, is if you can provide us a reprex of the issue you're having. A reprex consists of the minimal code and data needed to recreate the issue/question you're having. You can find instructions how to build and share one here:

Once we have this, it will be much easier to pinpoint what's wrong and help you fix it!

Good luck,

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