Problems connecting to R when opening .RProj file from network drive

Since upgrading to the latest RStudio Desktop (2023.12.0 build 369), I've been unable to open .RProj files stored on a network drive in Windows. I get the 'Cannot connect to R' error, and retrying doesn't help. The same .RProj files work fine on a local drive. They also work fine on the network drive if I downgrade back to 2023.09 build 494.

I'm using R 4.3.2 x64 on Windows 11 Enterprise 23H2. I've already tried removing any .RProfile files, changing the default working directory for R, resetting RStudio by renaming the folder within %localappdata% and none of these helped. Downgrading version did, so I presume something has changed between the two versions. There are no intermediate released versions as far as I can tell.

I've also tried the current daily release (2024.04.0-daily-181) and it has the same problem.

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