Probleme with gRain Package and R release 3.5.0 under Rstudio Version 1.1.447. Unable to reach library"gRain

Unable to reach library"gRain

bn_mle =,Donnees.Learn,method = "mle",iss=1, debug=TRUE)
jonction = as.grain(bn_mle)
Loading required namespace: gRain
Failed with error: ‘there is no package called ‘RBGL’’
Error in check.and.load.package("gRain") :
this function requires the gRain package.

Would this library be not compatible with the newest R release 3.5.0 ?
Thanks for infos

You should try to reinstall that package (install.packages("gRain").

Also looks like you'll need to install the RBGL package, which, it seems is not available through CRAN anymore, but is through Bioconductor:

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Hi Mara
Thanks for this info. I investigate right away on this.

Have a nice end of week

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