problem with windows in K fonction (SPATSTAT package)

Hello to all,

I would like to use the K function contained in the spatstat package. The points to analyze are contained in a standard df with X and Y coordinates. However, to launch the model, a window is obviously needed.

My points are included in a territory delimited in a file on QGIS. I would like to know if anyone has already been confronted with this problem because I don't know how to make the limits of this territory correspond to my analysis window in the model. I tried to export the coordinates of the vertices of the polygon (333 points exactly) delimiting the territory in a df containing their coordinates X,Y and tested the model in R such as Kest(as.ppp(dfpoint,dfpolygon)) and I get the following "Error: Attempted to create binary mask with 54430 * 12013 = 653867590 entries". Could someone help me?


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