Problem with vector

Can someone please show me the easiest way to write this vector:
(2, (2^2)/2, (2^3)/3, ..., (2^23)/23) ?

Let me know if this is correct.

#>  [1] 2.000000e+00 2.000000e+00 2.666667e+00 4.000000e+00 6.400000e+00
#>  [6] 1.066667e+01 1.828571e+01 3.200000e+01 5.688889e+01 1.024000e+02
#> [11] 1.861818e+02 3.413333e+02 6.301538e+02 1.170286e+03 2.184533e+03
#> [16] 4.096000e+03 7.710118e+03 1.456356e+04 2.759411e+04 5.242880e+04
#> [21] 9.986438e+04 1.906502e+05 3.647221e+05

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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