Problem with tutorial on building widget

I'm following the Shiny tutorial on building widgets (Shiny - How to build a JavaScript based widget)

Everything up to the line

C3Gauge("hello, world")

works well; the app displays "hello world" perfectly fine. However, despite best efforts following the subsequent instructions, the gauge doesn't display when I continue with the tutorial. Even though R doesn't display any errors, the "Viewer" tab of RStudio is completely blank.
Do others have similar problems? Or does the tutorial work? I'm using Windows 7 with Version 1.1.442 of RStudio and R version 3.4.4.

It's working for me on RStudio Cloud (so newer RStudio and also newer R than what you're running). Here's a link to an RStudio Cloud project where I went through the steps for the first section of the tutorial (I put the demo shiny app in the inst folder):

Note that I did need to install the development version of httpuv to get shiny working properly on RStudio Cloud. But even without doing that, I still had the gauge displaying properly in the viewer pane:

Not sure what might be going wrong for you, but it's never a bad idea to start with some system information:

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System Information:

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  • OS Version:
  • R Version:


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