Problem with the Files´ pane

Hi. I´m an Economics student who´s getting started and has a basic understanding of R Studio. Right now I´m developing a university project.

Usually, I used the posit cloud but lately I was incentivized to use the desktop version. However, a problem related to the files´ pane appeared. When I open R Studio Desktop, the "upload" option on the files´ pane doesn´t appear. When I´m in Posit cloud, it works perfectly and I use this option to upload files and datasets. I´ve already tried to unisntall and reinstall and see the global options but I can´t find a way. What can I do to have this option or to be able to upload files and datasets as effectivelly ?

Thank you very much for your attention and help !

On the desktop outside RStudio just copy a file into the folder you're looking at