Problem with Shiny Server ("Disconnected from Server")

Hello everyone

I have a problem with my shiny local server (Open Source Version). It shows the message "disconnected from the server" apparently for loading a large amount of data.

Basically, I bring a certain amount of data from a database in PostgreSQL and it is painted in a leaflet map.

I have seen that when I bring 128k records or more, it disconnects me.
And when I bring less 120k records, this does not happen.

I have discarded increasing the RAM to 16 GB, the processor also (although only uses one) and finally probe it in a Shiny Server Pro version but still showing the same problem.

Has anyone had this? From my local rstudio server this does not happen.
Here are some pictures.

Try F12 (it opens the html console window) to understand which component in the application is failing. Alternately, you will also see the error in your RStudio-Console if ran locally.

From the look of the problem, it seems to be a memory issue. R is an in-memory application. Its capacity to read records will vary according to the RAM size.