Problem with Shiny App Not Updating After Code Changes on

The issue I'm facing is that after making changes to my Shiny app code and republishing it on Shinyapps, the app doesn't update. When I run it locally, it runs with the changes, but if I click the RunApp button or publish it, it remains in a previous version. It seems like it's being saved in an older version and doesn't want to change. The log doesn't show any errors.

When you publish it (and assuming you have the "Launch browser" option selected), does the app open in a browser and, if so, is it the updated version or the previous version?

The previous version.

When you say "the log doesn't show any errors", are you referring to the log messages when you publish the app, or the log messages when you run the app from the server? Also, you might try logging into the server account, archiving and then deleting the app, and then publishing again.

When I publish the app. I have already tried logging in, archiving, and deleting the app, then republishing it, but it continues to show the same error. I'm not sure if it's storing data because my code uses Google Sheets.

` r

googledrive::drive_auth(cache = ".secrets", email = "")
googlesheets4::gs4_auth(token = drive_token())


You mentioned the "RunApp" button. Are you saying that if you are in RStudio with the new app version opened in RStudio and click the RunApp button there, the old version executes? If so, that would rule out a problem on shinyapps, because you would be running the old version locally on your PC.