Problem with RStudio Workbench blocking Lastpass password manager

I've been using password managers for several years to store my passwords. Most recently Lastpass. This avoids me having to remember and type in passwords on a multitude of websites.

Recently I noticed that RStudio Workbench is blocking Lastpass from autofilling the username and password login boxes. So I have to type them manually every time, which has lower security since it is vulnerable to keyloggers for example.

Is there some way to get RStudio Workbench to work with Lastpass? Anyone else having this problem?

There is no code in RStudio Workbench that is intended to disable or defeat password managers. In fact you can see the code for the sign in page right here, as it's also part of the open source product:

It is possible that your IT department added code to defeat password managers (RStudio's login page can be customized) or that something else is going on. Since you're a Workbench customer, please reach out to and we'll see if we can help!

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Thanks, I think I'll just use the Google Password manager for this site.

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