Problem with readr version

I am using a read_csv function from readr package, which worked fine for me with readr version 2.1.2; however, when upgrading to version 2.1.3, the following problem appears: Warning: Error in enc2utf8: argument is not a character vector.

encabezado_csv <- read_csv(input$csv$datapath,
                               col_names = FALSE, 
                               trim_ws = TRUE,
                               skip_empty_rows = TRUE) %>% 

How can I solve this problem?


In not sure that this syntaxes is correct :thinking: or maybe you are work with Shiny.

Thank you. I'm working with Shiny, but that same syntax worked with version 2.1.2 and not with 2.1.3, however I fixed it thanks to your comment.

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