Problem with Profvis

I am using profvis on a complex function. After the profvis run is finished the result display fails on my Rstudio version 1.1.453. The result page appears blank.

The functionality I am using is documented at the following link:

Oddly, it does work fine on simple functions.

Can you provide the code of the complex function you are trying to profile?

Have you tried cutting down the complexity of the function, to see where the tipping point is when the problem appears?

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Are you able to save it to an HTML file and then open it in a regular web browser?
You can save it like this:

p <- profvis({
  # code here

htmlwidgets::saveWidget(p, "profile.html")

I cannot provide the function but can tell you that it is 20,000 lines + of code.
I havent tried to use profvis on smaller parts of the function but probably will need to do so.

I tried doing so but have the same issue, nothing is displayed. Thks