problem with pred

Hi All

I am new to R studio

I am trying the below as part of decision tree rpart where i have set test and training data
test data is 300 and training is 700.Total 1000
The data has classifcation as Yes or No which is what i want to predict with test data

I used the below command in R studion


The prediction output for the test data returns below
1 0.2926829 0.7073171
2 0.8895464 0.1104536
3 1.0000000 0.0000000
4 0.2926829 0.7073171
5 0.2926829 0.7073171

i am unable to know which 5 data are these from the 300 test data as the specific row numbers of these 5 data arent showing in result.

Appreciate any help in this regard

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