Problem with plotting and tabls

I have a dataset about video games.
(This time the problem explained better.)

My goal was to find which genre sold best.
I have selected the following data from the dataset:

1. Action = 114.8

2. Adventure = 24.77

Fighting = 20.3

4. Misc = 122.82

5. Platform = 122.61

6. Puzzle = 43.44

7. Racing = 59.29

8. Role-Playing = 71.36

9. Shooter = 19.67

10. Simulation = 57.49

11. Sports = 123.87

12. Strategy = 8.39

These are the sales figures.
I want to put these data in a table.
But these data are not in a column of the data set.

How can I process it in a graph or column to visualize it nicely?

I have already tried a number of things but that was not the outcome I wanted.

hist (Strategy12 $ Total_EU_Sales) # this did not reflect every category.

hist (Strategy12 Sports11 Total_EU_Sales) this gave an error

counts <- table (videogames1 $ EU_Sales)
barplot (counts, main = "Sales",
xlab = "Sales figures Eu sales video games") # this was only an overview of the general sales figures.

Can anyone help me with this problem? I have already tried looking this up on the internet but without success.

I think it would have been better if you continued on your original thread...

okay, I thought maybe this is better explained

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