Problem with plots

I use RStudio and have never had a problem before. I recently updated my version of R and I noticed that many of my packages had to be reinstalled afterwards. Today, whenever I try to plot anything, I get the following error:
"Error in = png, args = args) : object 'png' not found"

For example, running this:
Q <- seq(1,10,by=0.01)
p.d <- 225 - 15*Q

plot(Q,p.d, type = "l", col = "blue", xlab = "Q", ylab = "P")

I get the error: Error in = png, args = args) : object 'png' not found

But it worked yesterday! What should I do?

On which operating system are you? have you tried updating your packages with update.packages(repos='', checkBuilt=TRUE)?

I'm on mac. I'll try updating now

Since you are on Mac, also try installing/updating xquartz and updating/reinstalling Cairo package.

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