Problem with old package file structure

I have received a package in R, which is structured as follows:

└── package_name/
├── build/
│ ├── package_name.pdf
│ ├── partial.rdb
│ └── vingnete.rds
├── inst
├── man/
│ ├── file1.Rd
│ ├── file2.Rd
│ ├── file3.Rd
│ └── file4.Rd
├── R/
│ ├── main1.R
│ ├── main2.R
│ ├── main3.R
│ ├── main4.R
│ └── main5.R
├── vignettes/
│ └── package_name.Rnw
├── package_name.Rproj

.Rd files contain a description of probably all functions that are public in the package. More precisely, they contain information such as title, description, function arguments, details, references, examples of use of the function.

Next, in .R files, I have probably all functions (public and private). The structure of these files is as follows: a short comment, which involves a short description of what this function is doing and what arguments are needed. Next, I have a code, and the next function starts with a comment.

The .Rnw file I have different packages that are probably used in the functions that are coded in .R files.

My problem is that I need to finish this package and put it on CRAN. Unfortunately, the man who created and wrote all code died. So I need to add to this package new functions, and also get rid of the problem that all functions in main5.R are not connected in the package. I mean I don't have access to them when I load package.

Moreover, I really want to understand the structure and how this package works. Thus, I will really appreciate ary references to materials which can help me to understand this.

The version of my R is 4.3.1 and I believe that package was created in 2017 (the R version was probably 3.3 /3.4).

I have tried to build this using devtools.

I am not sure what your question is.... if you need advice on package development, I suggest the "R packages" book:

Nothing seems old with this package structure, btw. (R package structure hasn't changed for a long time, anyway.) It looks like a built package .tar.gz file, so you don't need the build directory in your source control repository. That is created by R CMD build, so you can delete that.

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