Problem with my console

Hi, I don't know what I did but every time I want to click on a console output to select it, it places me in the last row of the console where there is a ">" and a blinking cursor. I can't select things. How can it be solved?

I happen sometimes like this. Is your keyboard got stucked by a down arrow? or maybe your mouse got stucked on down wheels..? if not maybe you can try restart the console..

In fact, yes, my keyboard is stuck, but by the volume key (lower). I don't know if that is actually what causes the situation.
One question, when you say to restart the console, do you mean the R console or the machine I'm using (laptop, PC, etc).

@juandmaz restarting the R Console i mean.. you can also unplug your keyboard too, to test things out.. sorry if this a late reply

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