Problem with "merge" - 0 observations

Hi all,

My intention is to do a merge of a dataframe (tps) and an excel that contains the classifiers to be able to do the subsequent analyzes. The problem is that, when I apply the function "xxxx <-merge (data, classifiers, by =" Id ")", the created file appears to me with 0 observations. The strange thing is that this function works with some files and not with others. I have tried in this same function to put the arguments by.x = "Id" and by.y = "Id". Also, I have tried to pass the excel file of the classifiers in a dataframe but without success.

A priori there should be no problem since the id's of the dataframe and the excel are identical and they are witted in the same order.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me to understand what is happening. Right now I am totally blocked.

Thank you in advance.

That isn't necessarily the case. Check with str()

Thanks for your response. I have tried with the function str(). In the first instance, both "id's" (those of the excel and the dataframe) are characters. I used the as.factor to transform them into factors. However, I still do not succeed and Ido not understand what the problem is.

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