Problem with knit (pdf not rendering after a certain point)

So my problem is that after a specific paragraph Rmarkdown doesn't generating the rest of the code and I don't know why. Note that if I delete that paragraph the program will render untill the next text paragraph and then do the same thing. This is urgent, can someone help me?

Btw, the paragraph problem (in case it will help you) is the one after the title "Estimarea parametrilor"

mainfont: Times New Roman fontsize: 11pt header-includes: - \usepackage{titling} - \pretitle{\begin{flushleft}\huge\bfseries} - \posttitle{\end{flushleft}}

  • \preauthor{\begin{flushleft}\Large} - \postauthor{\end{flushleft}}
  • \predate{\begin{flushleft}\large}

- \postdate{\end{flushleft}}


par(mfrow = c(2,2))

plot(date_proiect_curat$EU_Sales, date_proiect_curat$Global_Sales,
xlab = "Vanzari Europa",
ylab = "Volumul vanzarilor total",
col = "aquamarine",
pch = 16,

plot(date_proiect_curat$NA_Sales, date_proiect_curat$Global_Sales,
xlab = "Vanzari SUA",
ylab = "Volumul vanzarilor total",
col = "aquamarine",
pch = 16,

plot(date_proiect_curat$JP_Sales, date_proiect_curat$Global_Sales,
xlab = "Vanzari Japonia",
ylab = "Volumul vanzarilor total",
col = "aquamarine",
pch = 16,

plot(date_proiect_curat$Other_Sales, date_proiect_curat$Global_Sales,
xlab = "Vanzari in alte tari",
ylab = "Volumul vanzarilor total",
col = "aquamarine",
pch = 16,

Estimarea parametrilor

Considerăm modelul de regresie liniară simplă y=\beta_{0}+\beta_{1}x +\varepsilon (unde x venitul provenit din vanzarile in America de Nord iar y venitul provenit din vanzarile la nivel mondial, \varepsilon este repartizat normal de medie 0 și varianță sigma p\u atrat. Estimatorii parametrilor \beta_{0} \c si \beta_{1} ob\c tinu\c ti prin metoda celor mai mici pătrate sunt calcula\c ti ^in R

## pentru beta1
b1 = cov(date_proiect_curat$NA_Sales, date_proiect_curat$Global_Sales)/var(date_proiect_curat$NA_Sales)
cat("b1 = ", b1, "\n")

## pentru beta0
b0 = mean(date_proiect_curat$Global_Sales) - b1*mean(date_proiect_curat$NA_Sales)
cat("b0 = ", b0)

maybe the porblem is with the code after that...idk...

The problem with your code as I see it, is that it is not clear if it is the code that you entered or that it is so formatted by the websoftware of the RStudio Community. Because what see are \beta's in the text and I think that I should see only things like \beta. You can avoid that using four backticks around your Rmd code: you probably used the 6th button from the left to insert your code
what gives three backticks around your code. Just manually copy and paste one more backtick.
If you did copy \beta's in your Rmd file I would expect trouble, but probably you did not.

Awaiting your reply some suggestions/questions:

  • what error messages (if any) do you see in the RMarkdown panel or the console
  • do you have problems when you run only the R code (copy the code only in an R file)
  • do you have problems when you copy your Rmd file to another one and try to create an html file from that (removing all latex related things)
  • I assume that your Rmd file has the standard encoding UTF-8

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