Problem with Installing package "quantmod"

normal commands for the program works, however, i had problem when i tried installing packages like quantmod. please see below messages. somehow it says error from "xts"

any kind of help would be helpful

For future reference, please post formatted text rather than screenshots, which are very difficult to read from.

The xcrun mentioned in your error message usually means you have to update or install local developer tools, see response to similar question, below:


Just to clarify this bit: xts (a package that provides tools for handling time series data) is a dependency of quantmod, as you can see from quantmod’s CRAN listing. By default, install.packages() also installs all the other packages listed as “Depends”, “Imports”, or “LinkingTo”. If there’s an installation error in a dependency, as happened here, installation of the package you originally asked for will also fail.