Problem with ggplot2's "stat_binhex"

From the book "Practical Statistics for Data Science" this code appears: (the dataframe is kc_tax.csv ( kc_tax.csv.gz) in: practical-statistics-for-data-scientists/data at master · gedeck/practical-statistics-for-data-scientists · GitHub)

kc_tax0 <- subset(kc_tax, TaxAssessedValue < 750000 &
SqFtTotLiving > 100 &
SqFtTotLiving < 3500)

graph <- ggplot(kc_tax0, (aes(x=SqFtTotLiving, y=TaxAssessedValue))) +
stat_binhex(color='white') +
theme_bw() +
scale_fill_gradient(low='white', high='blue') +
scale_y_continuous(labels = function(x) format(x, scientific = FALSE)) +
labs(x='Finished Square Feet', y='Tax-Assessed Value')

This flat plot appears: "HexPlotR.png"
when something similar to this plot obtained in Python should appear: "HexPlotPython.png"

Any suggestions? I have tried many changes but I can not find the solution.
Thanks greetings


Are you sure the subset is done the same way? They seem, apparently, different data

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