Problem with function in dynamicSDM package


I'm having a problem with a function from dynamicSDM package, when i get a error saying: Error: [rast] filename is empty. Provide a valid filename. However, my path locations are correct, my raster stack is correct (spatraster). What i'm missing here?

> dynamic_proj_covariates(dates = projection_dates,
+                         varnames = variablenames,
+                = "E:/abundance_teste/predi",
+                         resample.method = "bilinear",
+                         spatial.ext = sample_2,
+                         static.rasters = predictors,
+                         static.varnames = variablenames,
+                         static.resample.method = "bilinear",
+                         spatial.res.degrees = 0.0089,
+                         cov.file.type = "csv",
+                = "E:/abundance_teste/projection_covariates")
Error: [rast] filename is empty. Provide a valid filename

Thank you for the help.

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