Problem with formatting of deployed r markdown with runtime shiny


I've created a r markdown document (htm_document) with runtime shiny. It complies properly locally and the section titles look normal. However. When I publish it to my account, the titles look like this: 52

I just wanted to know if someone encountered a similar problem? I realise this is a tricky one as I can't really provide a reproducible example, as it looks fine when just running the document locally.
I've downloaded the latest source version of rsconnect and the newest version of rmarkdown. I've also tried running it with shiny_prerendered, same result.

My YAML header includes the following:

runtime: shiny
    theme: flatly

I'd really appreciate any help on this!

Hi @julia_derom!

What is titles suppose to look like?

Thank you for the header. Could you also provide a section of the document to produce the title?

Hi @barret,

Thank you for your reply. I basically have section titles as such:

#1. Welcome
##1.1 Some basic information
##1.2 etc... 

and when I run my document locally it looks like this:

But once deployed it looks like in the screenshot I provided in my first post above.
Any idea what might be going on? I tried reinstalling reticulate which was having some bugs recently but that didn't solve the problem.

Try adding a space after the # (ex: # 1. Welcome).

Try adding a blank line after the # line. Ex:

# 1. Welcome

Content starts here

I believe this is just a markdown formatting issue.

It worked! Thank you so much for taking the time and apologies for the silly question.

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