Problem with displaying plots inline

Hello. First post here.

I have been using R Markdown for a while now and I have always preferred displaying my plots/graphs inline. This used to work just fine until recently I am not sure what happened, but R Studio stopped displaying plots inline and display them in the "Plots" console instead.

I did the [Tools >> Global Options >> R Markdown >> Show output inline for all R Markdown documents] thing as shown in the screenshot.

I also specified this option at the top of my R Markdown file:

   chunk_output_type: inline

Still, the plots go to the console. This happens to simple things like hist() and with stuff with tmap alike.

I'm using RStudio version 1.3.1093 and R version 4.0.3.

If anyone has any suggestion on what I can do to fix this issue it would help me so much.

Thank you!

Can you share an example document with which you are encountering this issue ?

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