problem with

Hello I can't update the data.table package to the developer version:
using the command:

# latest development version:
Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000107 EndHTML:0000004726 StartFragment:0000000127 EndFragment:0000004708 Installing package into ‘C:/Users/user/Documents/R/win-library/3.6’ (as ‘lib’ is unspecified) trying URL '' Content type 'application/zip' length 2688090 bytes (2.6 MB) downloaded 2.6 MB package ‘data.table’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked Warning: cannot remove prior installation of package ‘data.table’ Warning: restored ‘data.table’ The downloaded binary packages are in C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\RtmpymZlpi\downloaded_packages R data.table package has been updated to NA (1.12.8) Warning message: In file.copy(savedcopy, lib, recursive = TRUE) : problem copying C:\Users\user\Documents\R\win-library\3.6\00LOCK\data.table\libs\x64\datatable.dll to C:\Users\user\Documents\R\win-library\3.6\data.table\libs\x64\datatable.dll: Permission denied


You have a permissions issue, try running RStudio as administrator or double-check that you have write permissions on that particular folder.

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