Problem with Custom blocks and pdf

Hi together,
I am trying to use the "Custom blocks" in my bookdown to generate custom blocks in my pdf/Latex. I followed the bookdown cookbook chapter 9.6 (9.6 Custom blocks (*) | R Markdown Cookbook) and tried the following:

In my Rmd (I am using the bookdown_demo_master) in Rstudio I have:

::: {.verbatim data-latex""}
This text is verbatim.

Then I generate the markdown file using "Build" and open the .tex. I have the following:

::: \{.verbatim data-latex''\,``\}
This text is in verbatim.

I am using bookdown 0.24, rmarkdown::pandoc_version() 2.14.2., knitr 1.34.

Am I missing something, or how can I troubleshoot?
Thanks for the help,

You are missing a = here:

::: {.verbatim data-latex=""}
This text is verbatim.

See example in the doc you linked:

Dear Chritophe,
thanks for your help, I should wear my glasses.
Works fine,

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