Problem with cross-reference and citation using the visual editor.


I have been working with bookdown to draft a report. I am using bookdown::pdf_document2 as output and using the last version of Rstudio (1.4.1103) with R 4.0.2.

In some sections I need to cross-reference figures and add citations in the same parenthesis but I encounter the following issue:

  1. When using the visual editor: [Figure @ref(fig:figure-1); @citation1; @citation2] will produce and output in the knitted pdf with square brackets [Figure 1; citation1; citation2] instead of round brackets (Figure 1; citation1; citation2).

  2. A way that I could make this work was not using the visual editor and escaping the first ; as: [Figure \@ref(fig:figure-1)\; @citation1; @citation2], which produce the reference with parenthesis. However, if I turn on the visual editor, the escaped \; is converted into a ; and causing the problem again.

is there any form to escape characters directly from the visual editor ?


Here is a reproducible example of this : The \; will be transformed to ; in canonical mode when activating visual editor.

title: "Untitled"
date: "17 2 2021"
  bookdown::pdf_document2: default
bibliography: packages.bib

knitr::write_bib(c("knitr", "rmarkdown"), file = "packages.bib")

```{r mtcars, fig.cap="plot1"}

See [Figure \@ref(fig:mtcars)\; @R-knitr; @R-rmarkdown]

See [@R-knitr; @R-rmarkdown]

# References

For now, the best way to have the visual editor handle this syntax is to use inline raw for example

See [Figure \@ref(fig:mtcars)`;`{=latex} @R-knitr; @R-rmarkdown]

In that case the visual editor will parse it as Pandoc as raw TeX, and it will appear correctly in the output.

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Thank you for your answer,
this will work in the meantime.


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