Problem with copie(tab) on Excel

Hello everyone !
I can't copy paste on excel and i don't understand the error message :

tc<-crosstab(b$stat, b$SEXE, weight=b$extri, missing.include = TRUE,prop.r = TRUE, prop.c = TRUE, prop.t = TRUE,digits=2,dnn=c("Statut activite","Sexe"))
tab <- descr:::CreateNewTab(tc)
Error in copie(tab) : could not find function "copie"

Thank you to help me !


copie() is not a function. What are you looking to do?

Hi !
I'm trying to do a cross-tabulated with proportion about 2 variables Stat and Sexe. My teacher wants me to copy this cross-tabulated and paste on Excel with this method. But it doesn't work. I have already downloaded libraries, especially descr. So the teacher recommanded me to reinstall the package descr if its version is too old. But R studio told me that it must restart befor installing the requested package". I have to reinstall this package ?

You could just export to excel. Why do you need to copy it to Excel?

Is copie() meant to be a function from somewhere? There is a function, but it looks to be completely different to what you want to do.

So how do you just export to excel ?

Some articles

To csv:

To xlsx:

I will check these articles, thank you !

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