Problem uploading app to

"Uploading bundle for application: 33604...Error in force(code) : Could not upload file.
Calls: -> withStatus -> force"

This is an app I have uploaded many times before and the message leaves me baffled


This is very difficult to offer input on without any context, code, or without a reproducible example

All I can think is to pare down the app and look for changes that you may have made that could break things. In particular, I'd be sensitive to any code that uses withStatus() or force(), since that seems relevant to the error.

This article might help, too:

Thanks. I was hoping someone had come across the same issue

My app has many functions and does not use force() or withStatus() in any of them so a reproducible example is not possible

However, another day, a new session and the problem has disappeared - at least for now

Re the link. If you have any input to the RStudio support page is there any way you could change the font to be more legible. I have raised this, without success, before. My eyesight is failing and it is a bit ageist

Thanks again for the reply

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I have the same error "Error in force(code) : Could not upload file."
How did you solve this issue?