Problem to predict sales in real time

I'm trying to work with sales in a real time, and I want to predict it.
However when I read the file my date variable is detected as a character, and I just use the function dmy_hms to get in the proper format.

When I try to transform my df as a tsibble object I got duplicates, I did find some article to try to fix this problem : Rob J Hyndman – Electricity demand data in tsibble format , but i got the following the error:

Error: Problem with filter() input ..1.
x Input ..1 must be of size 1, not size 24733.
:information_source: Input ..1 is !....
:information_source: The error occurred in group 1: CUPOM = 46462.

I really do not know how to create a minimal reproduce example to elucidate my question,
If someome could help me would be appreciated.

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