Problem submitting to Shiny Contest


The submit button seems messed up at the end of the form and is preventing me from submitting to the Shiny Contest. Getting the same thing in Chrome and Firefox:


Not sure about the button text, but looks like thumbnail.PNG was preventing the form from submitting. Had to change to thumbnail2.png for it to accept, but all good now.

Sorry about this, very strange.
I am not able to replicate this issue with the information provided. And I see submissions coming in. There's be about ten since this issue was reported.

This suggests to me the issue may lie with your environment. Could you test it out with a different machine?

Could I have a bit more information about your system? I'd like to report this issue to the developers that support discourse and this wizard plugin. This is unlikely to resolve your issue quickly, but would probably help many others in future.

Fortunately I was still able to get the submission in this morning, so doesn't seem to be a critical issue.

The issue is no longer occurring even on the original system that had the issue (Windows 10, Chrome v90 and Firefox v88), so may have just been a temporary anomaly with my machine.

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Very strange. I'm sorry you had this annoyance but also happy you got it in!

This year's contest has actually lead to a couple of bug reports being passed on to the developers.

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