Problem reading .Rds file: Error reading from connection

Hi there,
I have a similar problem to this topic when I want to open a .rds file in R studio, maybe someone might help me with that:

Error in readRDS("C:/Users/MES/Desktop/icorpusSENTENCE-TAGGER2.rds") :
error reading from connection
In addition: Warning message:
In readRDS("C:/Users/MES/Desktop/icorpusSENTENCE-TAGGER2.rds") :
invalid or incomplete compressed data

Very likely you are just using a wrong file path or you have a permissions issue, but we can't know for sure since we don't have access to your .rds file.
Could you share the file with us using some cloud storage service like Dropbox or WeTransfer?

Google drive link

I have downloaded your file, I put it into my default working directory and I can read it without any problem, maybe you are not using the correct path, try moving the file to your working directory and using a relative path instead of an absolute one.

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Thanks a lot, you helped me much! (I am a beginner with R studio... :slight_smile: )

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