Problem publishing shiny app

Hello every one,

I'm trying to publish a shiny application that containt several maps that are made from shapefile.

my shiny app folder contain the app.R file, a folder "www" for image and a folder "data" for shapefiles.

I can even download my data on site

When I deploye the app,I have an error message:

it looks like I have data directory issues but I do not manage to find how to deal with.

Can someone guide me ?

thanks a lot

I found the solution !

changing my working directory and using "." in my R code :

data_connect <- readOGR(".","CONNECTIVITE_PRIO_WGS84")

it works,

maps take several time to appear, is it too big ?

I tried to convert shapefiles in GeoJSON, it takes the same time.

any idea ?


You may want to try TopoJSON, which would have significant file size advantages over GeoJSON.

Thanks for the advise,

I tried topoJSON, it works almost the same:

I have 6 maps, the longest in time is the map with the biggest weight "CONNECTIVITE_PRIO_WGS84


if it's not better I can split my web page in several different pages but it would be better to keep it together.

regards !