Problem installing Tidyverse package on work PC

Hi all,
I'm trying to get Tidyverse running on my work PC (NHS), but am getting the error message below when installing (identifiable info replaced with asterisks!)

Error in install.packages : cannot open file '\****/My Documents/R/win-library/3.6/file21f413bd19f7/ps/bin/i386/interrupt.exe': Permission denied

Now I've gone into the win-library/3.6 folder, and can't find a folder named file21f413bd19f7

I wasn't sure if this is getting removed as part of a failed install (and it's just that IT have got everything locked up so I can't install/run an .exe), or if it's just not properly downloading everything.

I've managed other packages (ggplot for one!), but am a bit stuck with this one! Am on Windows 7 64 bit if that's a factor.


When packages are downloaded and installed, they're put into a temporary directory first where any compilation and verification takes place. After that's all good, the package is copied over to it's final destination.

You won't find the directory file21f413bd19f7 as it was a temporary directory, and was removed after the package installation failed. There should be a log file that details the errors. I think the location of the log should be in the package install output somewhere.

I shall look into that further, thankyou!

I've managed to get ggplot and dplyr installed seperately, so think I'm ok for the moment!

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