Problem installing packages in Rstudio(Lib is unspecified)

Hello guys, new R user here, I've not been able to successfully install and load any packages. I get a 'lib is unspecified' message each time I try and it's driving me crazy. How do I go past this?
I'd appreciate tips on how to resolve this. Thanks

What is your OS? (That may be key.)

I'm running on windows 10.

This is just an informative message, it doesn't mean you have a problem per se.

Can you please post the complete console output you get when you try to install an specific package?

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I'm running on windows. here's a screenshot of my console whenever i try to install tidyverse R error

What you are showing are just normal installation messages, the package has been successfully installed.

Can you explain why you think there is a problem?

Also, please do not post screenshots of your console, it is considered a bad practice here, post the output as formatted text instead, here is how to do it:

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