Problem installing "glmmTMB" or "brms" into a AMI EC2 AWS

Hi there,

I'm having problem installing some packages that might use stan as brms and others that might have other problems. The thing is the AMI instance freezes at some random point when installing this packages and I can't figure out why. The thing is it does not seem to follow a pattern. It just freezes when trying to install any of these packages. I am installing them one by one to isolate the problem and this has been happening with these two packages. I first thought it might be something with Stan as brms uses fortran compiler, but I don't think this happens with glmmTMB.

Anyway I'm completely lost, I can't make them install and work. I'm no specialist in this either.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Ok, I got myself responded, I simply needed a more powerful machine. In case someone is interested I used a t2.large machine and also had to allocate more swap memory. I did this following this tutorial: