Problem installing ggbiplot from GitHub


This is error statement

> devtools::install_github("vqv/ggbiplot")
Downloading GitHub repo vqv/ggbiplot@HEAD
Error in utils::download.file(url, path, method = method, quiet = quiet,  : 
  cannot open URL ''
> library("ggbiplot")
Error in library("ggbiplot") : there is no package called ‘ggbiplot’

Have you installed ggbiplot? Try install.packages("ggbiplot") and then re-running your code.

Yes l have but, still having an error statement, package ‘ggbiplot’ is not available for this version of R, currently, l am using R 4.1

Going back to your attempt at installing from github source.
Have you verified that your computer can browse to the URL?

I think an additional step would be referring to the documentation for download.file


And trying different methods

Thank you Nirgrahamuk for your quick response, please assist me how can l verify if my computer can access the URL from R environment.

You are browsing this forum website on some browser (on the same machine as your R code runs ?) So just click on the URL as you would any other and see if your computer can access the information in that location generally (outside of R)

If no, then you need to understand why. Are you behind a firewall ? Etc.

If yes, then in principle R can download the file from there, proceed with the download.file methods

Thank you. currently, l have blocked all my firewall, l was still having the problem. I am browsing this forum from the same machine. I am thinking if l need to set up R to point to the URL and if that is the case where exactly should l click to activate it.

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