Problem installing a package

A student couldn't install the digest package -- the error message pointed to this file not existing:

My questions are:

  1. Where do I report this?

  2. What is the proper protocol for installing a package when install.packages() doesn't work?

a) Try a different mirror:

`install.packages("digest", repo = "")`

If so, are there go-to mirrors that are known to be more stable?

b) Download the tar.gz and install as such:

`install.packages("~/Downloads/digest_0.6.14.tgz", repos = NULL, type="source")`


c) Use R CMD INSTALL in the terminal? (Does this require additional downloads? I have so much stuff installed that I don't know what works for students and what doesn't.)

d) Something else?


I think digest is one of the packages which has just been updated but the compiled version is not yet available on the RStudio CRAN mirror. This can take about a day or two.


I've had the same problem as well. So do you suggest me to just wait for a few more days?
I attached the error message I received.