Problem in R Shiny

Hi everyone,
I'm executing code in R shiny includes an Arabic language, but RStudio does not accept it. The error message is as follows:

R does not seem to be encoded in UTF8
Warning in readLines(file, warn = FALSE)
Error in parse(file, keep.source = FALSE, srcfile = src, encoding = enc)
Error in sourceUTF8(fullpath, envir = new.env(parent = sharedEnv)) : 
 Error sourcing C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Temp\Rtmpe8jQn0\file267064386cf2

Hi, is it actually and issue with Shiny or just reading in the Arabic text? Does it work outside of Shiny? Perhaps try this?

readLines("your.csv" , warn = FALSE,  encoding = "UTF-8")

Thank you @williaml for your response
I fixed it!

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