problem in R : engineer student

Hello, I have a problem with a software coded in R that was working fine before, but today it's not working anymore. I have access to the code, how can I get it to work? What procedure should I follow

When you load the file in RStudio and press run all - what happens?

Things to notice, what is the extension of the file? .r, .rmd, .qmd? What is your version of R, version of RStudio?

Are there any errors? can you share them with us?

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whene i press run it's show mee: Messages d'avis :
1: le package ‘R.utils’ a été compilé avec la version R 4.2.3
2: le package ‘R.oo’ a été compilé avec la version R 4.2.3
and others on blue ihave R.4.2.2 of R and RStudio the file is .R

What your wrote arent errors, and don't imply that code that you wrote that used to work no longer works.
They are messages describing the state of your system.


"What command do I type to display the communication window that appears to the users of the software

All blue lines are warnings and not error, the app should run with them. It just announces that some upgrades are available.

I'm not sure yet if this is a shiny app file or a markdown(.rmd) or quarto(.qmd).

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