Problem in defining data using deaR package

Dear R user, I am working in deaR package. I have problem with defining my own data set. When I am using following code, the default data which is coming from data is loading and defining as the DEA data set.
data_example2 <- read_malmquist(EconomyLong,
percol = 2,
arrangement = "vertical",
inputs = 3:4,
outputs = 5)

however, when I am defining my own data as the DEA data set using following code
data<- read_excel("0000data used.xlsx", sheet = "prb")
data2 <- read_malmquist(data, percol = 2, arrangement = "vertical", inputs = 3:7, outputs = 8:9)

I am getting following error message

Error in[, percol], periods[i]) :
‘==’ only defined for equally-sized data frames

Can any one help me? how to solve this problem?

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