Problem: import csv

Dear all,

I am a master student trying to get to work with Rstudio for my masterthesis, I am desperately in need of help.

I try to run a meta-analysis, I have al the codes I need, but something goes wrong with the input of my data, I think.

Running my data works:

But when I look in the environment en click on b: It seems all my data is mixed, all the numbers appear in two coloms, while it should be 4: Study ID, Study, N, r.

So when I run the code for RAMDOM EFFECTS (to do my meta-analysis) I get the following error;

dat <- escalc(measure="ZCOR",ri=r, ni=N, data=b, slab=paste(StudyID, Study, sep=","))
Error in paste(StudyID, Study, sep = ",") : object 'StudyID' not found
res <- rma (yi,vi,data=dat)
Error in rma(yi, vi, data = dat) : object 'dat' not found
Error: object 'res' not found

I really hope somebody can help me!

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,


Hi Bretch, welcome!

I think the problem is with the structure of your csv file, could you share a few lines of the file's raw content or a link to it so we can take a look?


A friend found the solution.
As I work on a mac, we had do make few small adjustments in the code:

b<-read.csv(a,sep=",") the comma needed to be a ;
And than in my excel document I used also comma's in my tables, and we adjusted them into points.

Thanks for your time and willingness to help me!

Kind regards,


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